Sunday, January 26, 2020

Are The Gambian Authorities Ready To Receive The Returnees From Mauritania?



The share number of Gambian youth who came from surrounding villages in Barra to take their boats towards Europe confirms that the venture was an organised one with family members involved with the hope that they were making the right decision in order for them to climb up the social ladder. The unfortunate incident which led to the loss of 60 lives is a teacher. Foroyaa has gathered that 85 people have survived the ordeal but cannot proceed to achieve their goal. They are on their way back to The Gambia, while 60 people did not make it and they will no longer be going to assist their families out of poverty.

What will happen to the returnees is worth preparing for. No vacuum should be left in receiving them, giving them wise counsel and providing them with projects that will enable them to earn an income that is fit for survival and development. This is the challenge and we must not mask it with words that are not governed by reality.

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