Thursday, February 20, 2020

Are Partisan Games Being Played During Barrow’s Trip?



Foroyaa has reliably learnt that the Governor North Bank Region sent a message to the Chiefs asking them to tell the people to form committees that were nonpartisan that would include people belonging to all political shades, and that the committees should choose spokespersons to address the meetings during the President’s tour of the North Bank.

Interestingly enough spokespersons were selected from different political shades. But at Sanjal a person selected by the committee and the Alkalo of the village were not allowed to speak at the meeting.

In a rural setting, if the villagers select a person to speak and that person is disallowed a message is sent to the individual that the person’s presence is not recognised. This is a way of sending a message that the people should not have regard for such leaders. Foroyaa will investigate who was responsible for disallowing a spokesperson of the community from delivering a message from the community.

This paper will not allow the abuse of power of the past to take root in the new Gambia.

The chosen representatives of communities must be respected and the arrogance of power must not be allowed to alienate or intimidate them.

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