Thursday, January 23, 2020

Are Incumbent And Party Politics Replacing The Transitional Agenda?



The transitional agenda is constitutional review, security sector review, civil service review, truth and reconciliation review, national unity, economic growth, social development and the creation of a level ground for future multi party politics.

Now, the head of state has become an incumbent and dozens of presidential aspirants are now moving about in preparation for elections. This is the new Gambia. The people should ask themselves why people establish political parties and seek their consent. Once the people know, there could be thousands of parties but people will know who to entrust with power and wealth.

Those who wish to serve the people will never be hungry for power and wealth. They will always be inspired to empower and enrich the people rather than concentrate power in their own hands. Each Gambian is sovereign to be the citizen who will bring to power the person that you will be proud to call your leader.

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