Friday, December 13, 2019

Are Demonstrations Expected In December?


Question of the Day

Foroyaa has been following the calls for National Dialogue to prevent what some people imagined to be a looming political time bomb originating from the Coalition agreement even though many people have concluded that the Coalition has been overtaken by events since parties decided to go on their own to contest elections and hold congresses.

Foroyaa is wondering why December is often considered in some circles as D DAY. The fact of the matter is that President Barrow assumed office on 19th January 2017. He will have three years in January 2020 and five years in January 2022.

Gambians should begin a conversation on what the country needs to ensure that the change which came through the ballot box on 2nd December 2019 will lead to correct strategies and tactics on how to effect democratic change. A powerful people must never allow themselves to be weakened by displaying power without being able to effect democratic change.

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