Monday, February 17, 2020

APRC opposed to tribal sentiments, but …. Tombong Jatta


By: Kebba AF Touray

Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the leader of the APRC Party, has expressed his party’s opposition to tribal sentiments but to selective justice as well. FTJ said this on Saturday September 8, 2018, during a press conference at his residence in Tallinding.

On the recent arrest of Abdoulie Saine, he said his party does not believe in tribal sentiments; that Sidi Njie, Omar Sanneh, Omar Touray and his humble self, were all arrested for remarks they made and disclosed that tribal sentiments in a ‘WhatsApp’ group, emanated from some of the sympathizers of the UDP, but no arrests was effected in that respect.

“APRC is a disciplined party that does not believe in violence. We will not be part of any uprising that will destroy the twenty two years of good work we have done in this country,” he told journalists.

“I call on Government to ensure they put an end to selective justice in this country. It is their mandate and responsibility to protect all Gambians, irrespective of party affiliation. I further call on the president to take responsibility. All powers are delegated powers to Ministers, Governors and all other institutions. It is only through effective leadership, robust parliament and judiciary, that we can ensure transparency, the rule of law and democracy,” he added.

He challenged the Police to ensure that all those who instigate violence on ‘WhatsApp’ from other political parties, are brought to book; that otherwise, they will believe that some people are manipulating the system.

FTJ said with “New Gambia” as its motto, the Coalition Government is anticipated to herald a better Gambia for youth and women, security, transparency and accountability and abide by the rule of law, to ensure good governance and democracy.

FTJ asserted that some of their vehicles have been seized and all efforts made in regaining them have proved futile. He tasked Government to give them the whereabouts of the vehicles and make their decision known; that the source of the fifty seven pick-ups for Parliamentarians and the thirty three million dalasi allegedly found in the accounts of the Foundation of the First Lady, remains obscure. He challenged media houses and human rights organisations to ensure the truth is brought to light.

FTJ also stressed that the independence and sovereignty of the Gambia, must never be mortgaged. He expressed concern on the electricity deal with Senegal, citing this as a short term and unsustainable solution with risks, should the relation between the two countries become sour. FTJ asserted that the independence and sovereignty of the country, must never be mortgaged.

The former majority leader went on to say that it is time for the Coalition Government to ensure effective service delivery, to enhance the livelihood of the citizenry. “Government must be responsible and make sure that services are provided to the people and their welfare uppermost, in your programs,” he said.

On the party’s decision on the recent attack on the GRTS reporters by alleged supporters, FTJ expressed regret on the incident and recalled that the press release issued by the party thereafter, was a clear manifestation of their resolve against violence, and urged their supporters to maintain the discipline they are known for.

On the expected failure of the upcoming cropping season, he called on Government to motivate and return the seized tractors to the farmers, to boost productivity to ensure food security and sufficiency.

He thanked Government and the people of the Gambia, for their support and understanding during the burial of the Ex-President’s mother, Aja Asombe Bojang.

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