Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ama tells Siteu: I Will Fight If My Team Accepts the Offer


By Sulayman Bah

Ama Balde insists he wouldn’t mind squaring up to Siteu if his team of representatives nod to the proposal.

Ama comes on the back of a victory over Papa Sow –his sixth in row in six years but is without an opponent.

Talks about a rematch with Gouye Gui has been discussed but a combat with Gris Bordeaux appears his priority. Siteu of Lancer is also on the lips of fans as a potential adversary however that clash has been strongly opposed to by Ama Balde’s team.

And quizzed as what he makes of tussling with Siteu, Ama was straightforward.

‘I don’t decide who I get to fight as I have a team to handle that. There is talk of me taking on Siteu. This proposal makes sense wrestling-wise but realistically I stand to gain little in this even if I get to humble him. I have my eyes on Gris Bordeaux and other combats but if my team agrees to Siteu then I will face him,’ Ama Balde said.

Ama last tasted defeat in 2012 when he lost to Gouye Gui. He made up for that beating Malick Niang, Zoss, Tapha Tine, a rematch win with Gouye Gui and latest against Papa Sow.

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