Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Almost At The End Of The Tunnel


The testimony that may soon unfold of another second highest ranking member of the AFPRC administration may get the nation closer to the end of the inquiry or investigation being conducted by the TRRC. This shows how fast time moves and how human beings change based on times and circumstances. Not many people are lucky to know what their actions would yield. However, no human being exists who cannot transform adversity into virtue.
The human being is a being of change for better or for worse. The unfortunate among us exercise absolute power without restraint, not knowing that power is transient and that the mightier than thou would either be conquered by change, illness or death; that power therefore should not be demonized; on the contrary, it should be humanized so that those who had wielded power will have the strength to speak about their past and gather the strength to distance themselves from it and embrace virtue. Repenting with sincerity and tempering conduct with remorse, may lead to tolerance and a sense of forgiveness by those who still feel the pain of injustice. If those who perpetrate injustice display regret and repentance while those who suffer injustice, display tolerance and forgiveness, the past and present would be able to inform the future so that a better society would be built out of the lessons derived from the revelations.
Foroyaa will continue to cover the revelations and call for the right lessons to be learnt to prevent recurrence.

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