Saturday, December 14, 2019

Alieu Joof, Co-Founder of the Acoustic Boys, shares his experience as a Percussionist


Acoustic Boys‘Jembe’ drums. He shared his experience as a percussionist with Foroyaa Art and Culture Column.Talking to this Columnist at his residence in Serrekunda London Corner, Mr. Joof said he was inspired by his elders who were performing the same musical instruments when he was a young boy. He said he spent most of his time sitting with them when they were having their training sessions.“I got my first drum at the age of ten years old. Later in 1984, I joined the Red Cross group performing with them in different activities. In 1992, we formed a musical crew called ‘Equal Brothers and Sisters’ in Latrikunda German, which was an entertainment group that performs various cultures like ‘Gesseh’, ‘Fanaal’ (Lantern Boat), etc. In 1993, we joined a lesson classes with a Guinean percussionist tutor called Thomas Camara, the proprietor of ‘Alalage Ballet’ group,” said Joof.He said his engagement in entertainment saw no end as he joined the Mango Band in Latrikunda German in 1997. “I was a drummer and sometimes do the backing vocals in some tracks that my mentor, Assan Nying, composed. He now lives in Sweden. In 2000, I and my brother, Amadou Joof, alias Boss, formed the Acoustic Boys. We are five in number and the others are Jacob, Muniru Sowe and Amadou Sarr. I still work with them, but sometimes other bands and musicians do invite me to work for them in their contracts,” explained Joof.He said the Acoustic Band also performs at the Sheraton Hotel during the tourism season and seized the occasion to thank its management for giving them the opportunity to entertain their guests. “They are really promoting the entertainment industry,” he acknowledged.The veteran percussionist urged his colleagues in music entertainment to support and promote each other in the tourism industry as they are also contributing to national development.Mr. Joof can be reached on the following phone numbers and email contact: 7924098, 7445492 or email.]]>

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