Wednesday, October 23, 2019

After Win over Sa Thies: Boy Niang open to fight any wrestler


By Sulayman Bah

Fast-rising wrestling star Boy Niang II says he’s open to prospect of fighting any wrestler.

Niang over the weekend outclassed Sa Thies in a shock win.

Niang humbled his adversary in a two-minute forty-six seconds bout.

Sunday’s duel was the second time Boy Niang is routing Guediawaye-based wrestlers in under a year after he also sent Gouye Gui packing.

And reacting, Pikine-based Niang says, he’s open to taking on any one depending on the agreement with the fight promoter.

‘I wasn’t defensive (against Sa Thies). I attack when it’s necessary. That was the reason why I attacked and wrestled when it became necessary. I encouraged and told him (Sa Thies) to buckle down and I wish him victory in his future bouts.

Asked who he faces next he replied: ‘I’m not into VIP Business. I am open to fighting any wrestler depending on the agreement with the fight promoter. We (Pikine) are not enemies with Guediawaye.”’

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