Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Unique Opportunity For Gambia And Gambians


The change of 2nd December 2016 which enabled The Gambia to ensure a peaceful transfer of power through the ballot box for the first time in its history has provided an opportunity for each to know that the might of wealth and arms is not permanent.

The opportunity given to those who took over power through the might of the gun to reflect on what drove them to take the risk of death to effect change confirms that the state of the social being is also not permanent.

Those who are in power now and those who have grievances against their manner of government have a lot to learn on how to avoid the pitfalls of the past. It is evident to all that a peaceful change of government is the best environment for empowering the people to know the truth about the past in order to draw lessons.

Gambians may not achieve what they want at one go but no one would deny that he country could never be the same again. From henceforth Gambians will find it more difficult to have self-righteous leaders and a people who could be easily misled to believe anything and everything. It will become easier to criticise, scrutinise, restrain and remove governments that betray their aspirations. The tides are turning. A mature citizenry is evolving. The future is not necessarily bleak. It appears that people are calmer and are willing to think before they act. The time for behaving like a robot or marionette to be toyed by one’s peers is over.   

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