Friday, February 28, 2020

A New Beginning For The Gambia


The social media is often accused of promoting a culture of misinformation and misrepresentation. Everywhere social media is under attack. However, all the people who have access to social media, spend most of their time trying to find out what is being said on social media. Hence the social media is here to stay. What is important is how to use it for the cause of good.

These past days, all Gambians have to admit that without the social media, they will still be in darkness. We have noticed that certain party congresses are not even covered by GRTS. Even where the national broadcaster, covered some congresses, the coverage is hardly adequate to enable the Gambian people to fully understand what is actually said by the delegates. In that regard, the social media has compensated the absence or inadequate coverage of the developments in those congresses, which constitute the most important development in Gambian history. Never in the history of the country has so many congresses been held by the political parties.

In that regard, intra party democracy is on the rise. And we hope that this culture will develop. Foroyaa will be among those media houses that will give not only press coverage, but also coverage by the electronic media, in future congresses. The Foroyaa management is working hard in launching the radio station that will also give coverage to the congresses that will be held in the future.

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