Friday, December 6, 2019

6000 Bags Of Fertiliser At D700 Available In Nine Places In The Gambia


Fertiliser is now needed to be in the hands of farmers, otherwise we could predict crop failure before we go any further in monitoring the new cropping season. It was announced by the government that 6000 bags have been made available for sale at D700 at the following places: Giroba Kunda, Jenoi, Kwinella, Kerewan, Farafenni, Boiram Mixed Farming Centre, Njau Mixed Farming Centre, Banjulunding and Bakau Horticultural Garden.

Foroyaa has been investigating whether the bags are reaching the farmers who need it. Sample coverage is being done to test the accessibility of the fertiliser. One farmer in Kantora and another in Wuli indicated that the fertiliser from the Gambia Government is yet to reach their areas; that what is available so far in their farming communities is fertiliser from Senegal which is sold at a price of D900 or D950. The Ministry of agriculture should put their teams on the ground so that they would identify the gaps in the distribution chain. Foroyaa will continue to assess the availability and accessibility of fertiliser for the current cropping season so as to draw the right lessons.

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