Sunday, January 26, 2020

58 ‘Backway’ Hustlers Did Not Make It


Barra and its surroundings were privy to the fact that boats carrying young people heading towards greener pastures were being loaded. It is now that news has started reaching Foroyaa of brothers, neighbours and cousins losing their lives in a perilous journey of dashed hopes.

Condolences are being sent to sooth the hearts of families who have suffered loss. Foroyaa would do the same, but that is not the end of the story. We will reach out to those who have survived and the families that suffered losses to find out how the journey started and why it was so risky, but still yet did not deter the young people from venturing despite all the lectures of the dangers of the waters. We have to do more for the young to inject real hope that will not be translated into hopelessness.

Young people have the initiative. This is the proof. They are knocking on the door of opportunity. Those who have the policies capable of giving them opportunity have the moral authority to lecture them to take advantage of the possibilities in their society. Those who have nothing to offer them can only lament over their adversities. We hope the silent voices of the dead would remind all of us to work hard to prevent recurrence.

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