Wednesday, January 29, 2020

56 Year Old Man Battles Unknown Sickness For Seven Years


By Makutu Manneh

Muhammed Lamin Njie, a native of Badibu Salikeneh said he has been battling with an unknown sickness for seven years now. Njie said he feels stiffness from his waist down to his feet and cannot move his legs; that he has gone through so many treatments within and outside the Gambia but his illness cannot be cured nor identified. The 58 year old said he has spent almost a million Dalasi for his treatment to no avail; that he was first attacked by the sickness sometimes ago when he came out from a mosque; that he started vomiting and from then on he has got weaker each day. This, he said, was in 2012 and to date he is in the same situation.

As the father of nine children, Njie said he has gone to so many hospitals within the country including the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) and the Kanifing General Hospital; but that none of the said hospitals were able to identify his sickness or have a cure for it.

“My waist is my main problem because of the heaviness I feel around it. But there is no pain in the area. I have five children attending School and we pay for their fees from the small business that my wife operates as well,” he said.

Njie said he also visited so many herbalists and has spent thousands of Dalasi to get cured to no avail; that he has visited herbalists in Senegal and Mali where he went through treatments to no avail; that he has been recommended by the EFSTH to go for overseas treatment but cannot have any sponsor or identified hospital to help him.

“My family depend on the little business my wife does to keep us going,” he said.
Njie said he is seeking help from Government, Donor Agencies, Embassies and philanthropist, to assist him go for overseas treatment as prescribed by medics. Anyone who wants to assist can contact FOROYAA Newspaper.

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