Monday, January 27, 2020

24 Year Old Gambian Seeks Urgent Medical Assistance !!


Ebrima Beyai, a 24 year old Gambian, seeks urgent medical assistance for overseas treatment. According to Beyai’s Medical Board Report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, he was admitted on 11th October 2016, with open mid-shaft fracture of his left femur; that he had an internal fixation upon admission, which was later infected and was subsequently removed, and an external fixation done.

The report indicated that he was later taken to Dakar for surgery and an internal fixation was done.
“Beyai still complains of pain on the left thigh especially after sitting for long,” the report indicated; that he has a scar on the left hip and thigh, making the left lower limb to be shorter than the right. The report said X-ray features depict chronic osteomyelitis of Beyai’s left femur, with plates and screws in situ; that the diagnosis carried out on him revealed that Beyai has chronic osteomyelitis of the left femur, post internal fixation. The Medical Board recommends overseas treatment for Beyai, for further management and possible born-graft.

In an exclusive interview with Foroyaa, Beyai stated that he has always had sleepless nights; that every night whilst people are sleeping, he stays awake to endure pain. Beyai calls on all and sundry, to come to his aid to enable him undergo this urgent overseas treatment.

Beyai can be reached on 7029303 or you can call Foroyaa on 4380885.

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