Monday, July 22, 2019

ZIMBABWE: While Some Celebrate, Others Are Being Arrested


As Zimbabweans celebrate the forced resignation of Mugabe, arrests of his Ministers are already taking place and they are being denounced as criminals before they are tried and convicted of any crime. Yesterday, the opposition suffered the same fate of being accused of being criminals before they were convicted of any crime.

Democratic change is meant to put an end to the culture of impunity. Those who do not subscribe to democratic values are often quick to express happiness that the torture or maltreatment of a former oppressor, is to make them reap what they have sown. That is always the starting point of a new culture of impunity. Conscience goes to sleep once one is imbued with the spirit of revenge and dies once one perpetrates injustice in the name of revenge. When change is marked by revenge, democratic values become crucified and tyranny experiences a rebirth. Justice is for all times. Where it is granted selectively, no person­’s right could be guaranteed. Those who enjoy scenes of injustice, are the future tyrants.

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