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By Madiba Singhateh

Just two weeks away from the swearing in ceremony of president elect Barrow, slated for 19 January, 2017, this reporter was out and about asking young people about how they are preparing for the inauguration.

One Abubacarr Camara, a school teacher, who resides in Serekunda, told this medium that they are preparing for the inauguration and calls on the outgoing president to peacefully hand over power to President-Elect Adama Barrow on the 19th January 2017 in keeping with the country’s Constitution and democracy.

“On the 19th January we will all be coming out to witness the inauguration of President-Elect Barrow and are calling on all to this history making event which is the first time a government would be replaced through the ballot box in The Gambia,”  said Mr. Canara.

He described the inauguration as very important for them as both the teachers and students will be coming out to grace this historic occasion.

“We want to tell Mr. Barrow that after his inauguration let him not forget the education sector and plight of teachers as well as everybody in the Gambia,” he advised.

Kaddy Sonko, a vendor, said she is ready for the occasion. She said on the 19th January, the whole world is going to witness the swearing in of President-Elect Barrow and that she does not want anyone to report this event to her. “I have already bought and sewn my ‘ashobi’ cloth and waiting for the day of the inauguration to wear it,” she disclosed.

She urged her fellow women to come out and grace the occasion.

Essa Sissoho, a businessman, said he is praying to witness the day. He said they voted for Barrow to become president and are waiting for the day to witness him being sworn into office to start work.

He called on everybody to come out to celebrate in their numbers as they did during both the campaign and jubilation periods.

Mr. Sissoho said people are ready as many groups have bought textiles or ‘ashobi’ to wear on this auspicious occasion, adding that people all the way in Upper River Region (URR) are gearing up for the day of the inauguration of Barrow.

For his part, Kebba Manneh described the inauguration as another independence day for Gambians as they have voted for change in order to have a say in their country.


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