This is why a referendum was held to enable the people to become sovereign. The Referendum failed in 1965 thus leaving the country to be a constitutional monarchy. Hence for five years  Gambians still owed allegiance to the British Crown. An appointed Governor General exercised executive power on behalf of the Queen. Once a people owe allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power, Independence is negated. It was on 24th April 1970 when the Gambian people chose to be a Sovereign Republic. On that day Sovereignty of the country was transferred from the Queen of the United Kingdom to the Gambian people. From that day onwards no Gambian representative could owe allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or state. That is the essence of Independence in statehood. 24th April completes our journey from the attainment of the right to self determination in 1965 to the attainment of sovereign statehood in 1970. The young people are not being fully exposed to our history. To help in raising public awareness on the relevance of 24th April 1970, Foroyaa is inviting Gambians in General to submit poems and songs on Republican values and the sovereignty of the people at the Foroyaa office. Foroyaa promises to publish the best poem and songs and award a two thousand dalasi cash prize to each winner. Furthermore, students up to the tertiary level could also submit poems. The writer of the best poem would receive a cash prize of 2000 dalasis. The deadline for submission is 15th May. The names of the winners would be announced on 25th MAY 2015.  The awards will be given at symposium to be organised for that purpose.]]>

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