Sunday, August 18, 2019

Yaya Saidy Fatajo Under Detention


By Nelson Manneh 

Yaya Saidy Fatajo, son of Karamo Saidy Fatajo and resident of Tallinding, was said to have been detained at the Bundung Police Station on the 8th of October 2018.

According to the father Karamo Saidy Fatajo, his son was detained at the Bundung Police Station in connection to the case of her eleven year old daughter, who is still in the hands of the Police; that his son was called to report to the Police Station, where he was needed. “When my son arrive at the Station, he was detained. Now I can neither have access to my daughter nor my son,” he said.

Karamo said he was informed by his wife, that Yaya was detained; that he was also charged of giving his son the right to beat his younger sister and therefore should also be detained.

It could be recalled that Yaya Saidy Fatajo, is the elder brother of the eleven year old girl he beat, causing injury on her arm.

According to the father of the eleven year old girl, she was taken into custody by the Police for her protection according, but is yet to be released.

According to the Police Spokesperson ASP Lamin Njie, the matter is still under investigation; that this is why the eleven year old has not been released from the SOS Children Center in Bakoteh; that the Police are obtaining statements in connection to the matter.

He further said that the matter will be taken to Court after they have obtained all the necessary reports.

ASP Njie said he is not aware that the elder brother Yaya Saidy Fatajo who beat her younger sister, has been detained at the Bundung Police Station.

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