Thursday, July 18, 2019



By Fatoumatta K Jallow

Natives of Central River Region (CRR) who have settled in the urban area are migrating back to their places of origin..

At the Bundung garage yesterday, it was observed upon arrival that people were leaving with their children and elderly parents. 

An elderly woman who goes by the name Binta Kandeh in her 90s from CRR described the situation in The Gambia as disturbing and said this has prompted them to go back to where they are from. She explained that she knows nothing about war and that she just hears or watches it over the TV channels. She finds the situation scary. Gambians, she said, are known for peace but our peace and security are at stake.

According to a 12 year child (name withheld), he is a student but these days students are not going to school and some of the teachers are not going to school. “I asked people why this is happening. I was told that something will happen on the 19th which I have no idea about. I am so afraid and my parents are afraid for me so that’s why they are leaving till the tension is over.”

Speaking to Foroyaa, one Kaddijatou Jallow said she is going back to CRR with her  family because Gambia at the moment is not safe at all. “I have only 3 children so I don’t want to lose them due to the political crisis,” she said. She lamented the threat to peace in The Gambia and called for a peaceful resolution of the dispute. According to Ansu Jawara who hails from CRR, he is a shopkeeper but his security and that of his family are at stake due to the political impasse. He added that the danger of thieves stealing their properties from their houses would not stop them from leaving as their security is far more important than the wealth of this world. “We just hope that this situation will pass soon so that the peace we always are known for will remain,” she concluded.

Speaking to Foroyaa, one driver at the Garage who goes by the name Yerro Jallow said people are departing every day and that he takes almost one full trip daily and come back that very day to take another. “People are really desperate to leave because they are sacred. Gambians are really honest and venerable. We don’t know war. We just hear about it. Gambia is a very peaceful country and the peace should be maintained like that no matter what. The security of the Gambian people is really at stake here if the outgoing President does not hand over power peacefully,” she said.



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