Tuesday, July 16, 2019

WRESTLING: ‘Gambien’, Hoyantan Combat Signed


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By Sulayman Bah

                   Pic: ‘Gambien’                                                       Hoyantan

The long waited wrestling contest could now see light of day after ‘Gambien’ agreed to fight Hoyantan, Foroyaa Sport understands.

The combat, much discussed in the Gambian arena, was initially staged two years ago but had to be called off owing to poor organization.

Spectators crossed the security lines to besiege the arena leading to the cancelation of the thrilling combat.

The grand contest was supposed to be held after the end of the ceremonial mini-bouts when spectators, disturbed by the low lights, penetrated security lines en mass to get a closer view of the two wrestlers who were about to square off.

The situation, which was chaotic, led to the delay of the fight as organisers attempted without success to negotiate with the frenzied crowd -standing fifteen meters from the sacks – behind the lines.

Prior to this debacle, the rented flood lights went off umpteen times leaving promoter Lamin Champion Sound bereft.

Since then, many had doubted the possibilities of the duel ever happening.

However, against all odds, promoter Lamin Cham has opted to give the bout a try again, and Foroyaa Sport understands a deal has been brokered between the two wrestlers.

A date and venue are yet to be identified.

Hoyantan is yet to taste defeat in the arena and came out in his last fight victorious in a tough battle that left him bruised and battered by Yaya Jammeh, at the Independence Stadium.

He takes on former club Bul Falleh’s ‘Gambien’ a one-time sensation in the Senegalese arena.

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