Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Wrestling: Balla Gaye, Modou Lo Taunt Each Other


By Sulayman Bah

The hype in the must-watch forthcoming fight has reached an unprecedented level as opponents Balla Gaye and Modou engaged in mock derision.

The duo taunted each other in a latest face-to-face ahead of their slated January 13 tussle.

Face-to-face are organised sessions allowing opposing wrestlers spice up the event ahead of the D-day. And this weekend’s edition –the one of many – took an intriguing turn after the duo riled each other.

‘Your supporters are the ones hyping you up, but you and I know I’m not your match,’ Balla Gaye said to which Modou Lo replied with keen interest: ‘If we were placed in a corner, you will take to your heels.’

Parcelles-based Lo is due to stage his open session training today with Balla’s to follow on Wednesday.

The fixture, dubbed fight of the decade, is the talk of the town with millions expected to watch it in Senegambia and beyond via pay-per-view, a revenue-generating strategy charging viewers, raking millions for the parties involved.

This Sunday’s duel is  a rematch after the first meeting ended with Balla Gaye comprehensively routing Modou Lo in 19 seconds, arguably the fastest of victories in the arena.

Nine years to that meeting, a much improved Modou Lo is hoping to avenge his loss as former King of arena Balla seeks to establish superiority over his adversary.

Debate over who sports a protruding stomach simmered between the stars to which Guediawaye-based Gaye reacted by peeling off his top suit and urged his rival to follow suit.

A calmed Modou Lo wasn’t falling for it and merely shrugged off his shoulder.

How this clash of titans pans out is everyone’s curiosity.

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