Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wrestling Association working to set up technical committee


By Sulayman Bah

New Gambia Wrestling Association leadership is setting the ball rolling to get down to work following their election last month.

The new board, headed by Serigne Modou Faye, dubbed Cham, was ushered into office unopposed as replacementto the defunct Matarr Jarju-led leadership dissolved by the National Sports Council.

The previous association’s committee was disbanded after they failed to hold a congress despite incessant calls for one to be held by the stakeholders.

Stepping in, Sports Council opted to order Jarju and co to cease to exist as per the regulations binding the council as overseer of Sporting associations. The move cleared the path for the holding of a congress leading to Faye’s ascension to the helm of affairs.

The new office-bearers are now getting down to work, beginning with the naming of the association’s technical committee which began this week, Foroyaa Sports understands.

The list of names has not yet been finalised but efforts are being made towards that direction.

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