By Sulayman Bah

Serrekunda Mbolloh’s wrestler Building is left exasperated after the country’s wrestling association ruled against wrestler ‘Building’ off pointshim handing his opponent, Boy Balla, victory on appeal, Foroyaa Sport can reveal.

In a battle held two weeks ago at the Serrekunda West mini-stadium, the combat wrapped up in a web of controversy with the referee giving Building the points.

Build-up to the fight has been epic with either wrestler vowing to undo the other in pre-match bouts.

But on night of the occasion and amid cacophony, Boy Balla appeared to floor Building who apparently went on all threes –an action enough to be judged on–but the referee opted for a rematch.

The two, this time went crashing together in the sands prompting furore over who won.

The referee, upon consultations with his assistants, decided to declare Building winner – a verdict that umbraged Boy Balla and his camp who lodged an appeal twenty-four hours later to the Gambia Wrestling Association (GWA).

Upon subjecting Club Jabang Mbolloh’s appeal under review in it, including video evidence supporting their claims, the GWA, Foroyaa Sport understands, this week, decided to strip Building off the victory flag giving it instead to appellant Boy Balla.

The judgment understandably left Building and his camp fuming and Boy Balla’s camp on the other hand delighted.

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