Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wrestler Manduwar to battle ‘Rambo’ April


By Sulayman Bah

Manduwar is due to mark his first fight of the season next month.

The club Jeff Jell star faces Rambo, another sensation from Bakau-based outfit Gomsabop.

The clash, billed for 29th April is expected to be staged at the Serrekunda West mini-stadium.

Manduwar maintained an impressive track record last season, proving he could withstand the toughest in conventional wrestling.

However, with the lifting of the ban on Borreh Dorr, Manduwar is tipped to even revel with fist-fight believe to be his best of the art.

Night of the duel will also see Fadiga take on Balla Junior with Pur Mu Lerr squaring Chat of Sanynag Mbolloh.

Balla Nyamina will face Gaindeh and Chu versus Gainako of Tallinding Jappo.

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