The media is just an instrument. It depends who controls it, how it is used and in whose interest. Democratic states create an open society for the operation of the media. Hence in the process of amplifying divergent views the truth becomes more evident, injustice becomes more exposed and advocacy becomes more focused on real issues. The tyrannical state utilises the media as a propaganda tool. It puts the security and safety of the journalists in particular and the population at large by establishing draconian laws which are relied on to conduct arrests and detentions without trial and carry out intrusive and intimidating monitoring  exercises to hinder  freedom of expression which invariably results in self censorship. Hence to enlarge media freedom requires the building of genuine democracy which is inconceivable without an open society which thrives on transparency and accountability in promotion of the general welfare of the people. Women could only make progress through the elimination of gender disparity through democracy. Tyranny breeds patriarchy. The Ministry Of Information and information Technology was represented by Mr Malik Jones.  The US ambassador was the only diplomat present. Mr Ba Trawally graced the occasion but Mr Suwaibou Conateh was absent. The words of wisdom given by the Octogenarian will continue to be food for thought for all the young journalists. Will the government listen and repeal the laws which inhibit freedom of expression? Will it leave the media to regulate itself to promote professionalism? Will the state media be opened to divergent views? Will the ban on Daily News be lifted? The future will tell.]]>

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