Saturday, July 20, 2019

Work On Trans-Gambia Bridge Advances As Uncertainty From Traders Mounts


Abdoulai G.Dibba

Work on the Trans-Gambia’s bridge advances as the construction of the concrete pillars that are to serve as the foot for the bridge completes except for one.

During a visit to the area by this reporter on the 18th of March 2018, it was observed that the pillars except one, have been completed and work on the pathway has started from both ends of the crossing point.

However, even though the bridge is meant to facilitate easy transportation for commuters and drivers, traders at both ends of the crossing point have told this paper that the completion of the construction work at the bridge will affect them economically.

“We are going to lose our income generating opportunities as we move out of this place, after the completion of the bridge,” stated Momodou Bah.

Bah said he has been selling at this crossing point for more than 20 years and does not know where to head to after the completion of the bridge.

All traders who spoke to this reporter, share the same view and call on the Government to help them.

However, according to the project document, the Government of The Gambia committed itself to give priority to the 115 established traders and in particular, to women, in the allocation of space in the new regional markets. The rest of the traders include people engaged in informal trading activities who are self-employed, flexible and adapt to demand, and will be relocated to the two markets to be constructed, the document concluded. 

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