Thursday, August 22, 2019

Women Gardeners Appeal for Assistance


By Kebba AF Touray 

Women gardeners in the Wuli District, are soliciting for assistance from Government and all relevant authorities, for requisite gardening tools and related implements, to boost their horticultural endeavours in the district.

This was disclosed to this reporter during an interview with the women gardeners.

Tida Sanuwo, a gardener from Sutukoba village said they are determined to make some great difference in horticultural production, but lack secured fences of their garden and storage facilities for their horticultural produce; that adequate water and market outlets are challenges that are frustrating their aims and aspirations in their endeavours to make this difference.

“We want to express our profound gratitude to Suwaibou Touray for helping us with bore holes. This has helped us greatly in addressing our water shortage problems as well as boosting our productivity,” she noted.

Sira Wally of Wellingara Yareh village said the lack of storage facilities, water, and seed among others, poses a threat to their horticultural endeavours. ‘‘We thank our MP Suwaibou Touray for the giant steps taken in mitigating these problems for us. We call on Government and concerned stakeholders to emulate Touray in addressing our challenges,” she said.

Scores of women reiterated similar remarks and appealed to Government and all stakeholders to come to their aid; that their assistance will go a long way in contributing to the eradication of poverty and food and job insecurity, among the women folks in the country.

The gardens visited by this reporter lack proper fencing, adequate water supply, storage facilities, and market outlets, to sell their produce. Once addressed, the women believe that they will contribute immensely to the wellbeing of the country, especially their fellow women.

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