Foroyaa has been questioning the whereabouts of Ebrima Solo Sandeng since his arrest and detention on 14 April 2016. Being the principal character behind the incident, his non appearance in all the proceedings so far held made many to wonder whether his reported death was not in fact true. The fact that the State had not held a coroner’s inquest also raised doubts whether his reported death was not mistaken. Hanging in between these two presumptions, the legal counsels thought it wise to file a writ of habeas corpus at the high court to call for his appearance before the court.

June 27 is the day for the truth to be told to the court. Evidently, the public is still being fed with information which is yet to be processed by the courts and the facts established and told to the public.

We have maintained that whether Ebrima Solo Sandeng’s reported death is true or mistaken, Darboe and the UDP members who initiated peaceful action because of fear that something injurious had happened to him should be seen as persons acting under the dictate of conscience and should not be seen to have been motivated by criminal intentions. Hence, in the circumstances, criminality should not be alleged.

If it is finally revealed that he is no longer alive, a coroner’s inquest would be absolutely necessary to investigate the cause of death.

27 June is D-Day and anticipation is high.


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