Will there be a coalition of opposition parties for 2016 presidential election?

We have been reviewing the positions of the opposition parties on coalition building and we have also been listening keenly to the people’s opinions on the relevance of coalition in election, especially the presidential election of 2016.

Most people claim that if an inclusive coalition is formed and a salable candidate is selected for the presidential election in 2016, the incumbent will face a formidable challenge. The political parties are beginning to express their positions on coalition building. No opposition party has indicated objection to the establishment of a coalition/United Front. What is being demanded from all of them is to explain their proposal on how a coalition or United Front should be built. There is a growing demand for each to make a proposal on how it could be built.

The end of June should witness the beginning of initiatives to give the public a clear view of what form of coalition should emerge for the 2016 presidential election.

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