The UDP/NRP/GMC leadership should take extra ordinary measures to restrain their supporters during press conferences convened by them. The Foroyaa leadership is already overwhelmed by the media reports focused on the harassment of a Foroyaa reporter by thugs who appeared to have been offended by questions posed at a press conference.

The Coalition has been trying through its reconciliation committee to resolve conflicts in the aftermath of the December 1 election to the vacation of office of ex-president Jammeh.

It is now necessary to inculcate in the minds of political supporters that self-discipline is the best method of preventing conflict. Supporters must have tolerance when people like journalists raise questions and should allow their leaders to defend their integrity and promote their popularity by giving the right answers to pertinent questions.

Any leader who cannot tolerate public scrutiny cannot be a democratic leader and any supporter who cannot be tolerant to questions from journalists posed to their leaders  to answer questions cannot be democratic supporters.

The root cause of tyranny is intolerance of divergent views and dissenting opinions.

We hope that apologies will be extended to Kebba Jeffang and assurance will be given that there will be no repetition of the harassment meted out to him.

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