Last year as the presidential election approached the demand of the time was that all opposition parties should come together to select one presidential candidate to contest the presidential election. Seven opposition political parties and one independent presidential aspirant put their differences aside and agreed to support one presidential candidate to contest the December 1 presidential election. Even though this never took place till the eleventh hour, that single step of uniting as one shook the country and the outcome is now history.

Now the demand throughout the length and breadth of the country is for the Coalition to put up independent coalition candidates in order to sweep the polls and have a strong national assembly that will be able to carry out the necessary amendments to the constitution and the laws of the Gambia to effect the electoral and institutional reforms that it had proposed.

We have less than a week for nomination to take place. Will the two political parties join the band wagon in the contest for national assembly seats in the dying hours? Only time will tell.

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