Thursday, July 18, 2019

Will The Price Of Fertiliser Be Reduced?



The Minister of Agriculture told Foroyaa in an interview of government’s intention to further reduce the price of fertiliser. According to media reports, the President, on his return from Saudi Arabia, indicated that he has already secured fertiliser and seeds for farmers.

So far the arrival of a consignment of 1000 tonnes of fertiliser has been announced and two other consignments are expected by Mid-June, according to the Minister of Agriculture.

At the moment, Foroyaa is aware that fertiliser is available for sale at a price of D700 at seccos or buying points in some parts of the country, contrary to last year when it was available only at the GGC (National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation) depots. The complaint of many farmers is the price. They want the price to be further reduced. The question is when will the government further reduce the price as promised? When will the seeds be available? Weather forecasters say the first rains are expected by Mid-June. The clock is ticking.

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