The heaps of waste indiscriminately dumped at the Bakoteh Dumpsite are definitely beginning to become an eye sore. The blame game is over. Activists were blamed for keeping the gates of the dumpsite closed and thus leaving the council helpless.

On the other hand, those who expressed concern had indicated that the state made promises which they did not fulfill. Now that the state has opened the dumpsite the concerned residents of the area are displaying the wait and see game.

It is left to those responsible for waste management to take a proactive stand in developing ways and means of developing the waste at the site.

There is no doubt that if the waste is left unmanaged, the odour, the flies and the smoke which could disturb the lives of the residents in the area would continue as before. Foroyaa would repeat again that it would be a great shame to display all that force to open the dumpsite only to fail to make maximum effort to manage the waste so that it does not have ill effects on the lives of the residents of the area.

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