Thursday, August 22, 2019

Will The Faraba Banta Commission Report Be Made Public?



The Constitution of the Republic gives the President two options upon receipt of a report of a Commission of Inquiry. Section 203 of the Constitution obliges the President to either publish the report or issue a statement for not doing so within six months of receipt of such report.

The effectiveness and relevance of a Commission of Inquiry would depend on its recommendations. If the recommendations of a Commission of Inquiry address the concerns of the stakeholders and are seen to be just the rest of society one would conclude that its establishment did stand the test of time. However if the report is left to collect dust without any knowledge of its content by the people, then its establishment would have been considered to be futile.

Hence the public expects the President not to wait for six months but to publish the report now for the public to make their assessment of its viability or otherwise.

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