Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Will The Barrow Administration Have Political Prisoners?


Political prisoners are those who are accused and detained or convicted for acts against or allegedly against the state. It ranges from crime against public order, sedition and treason. It may stop with a plot or failed attempt to overthrow a government.

The Jammeh administration had duplicity of policy on political prisoners. The most controversial was the execution of the death penalty only to be followed by the mass release of all category of prisoners including political prisoners only to end up incarcerating the most harmless of political prisoners, namely the UDP leadership who never advocated for a violent overthrow of the Government. Despite these steps, Jammeh was still removed through the ballot box.

Hence security comes from good governance instead of being tough on those who make plots. The Barrow administration should depend more on building a record on promoting Good governance, rule of law, respect for fundamental rights and freedom and democracy, during its first year. It should release more prisoners, instead of throwing anyone in prison. It should rely on pardons and reconciliation rather than long detentions, trials and incarcerations.

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