Sunday, July 21, 2019

Will The Authorities Meet The Demand Of Saidou Bah For Investigation Into The Death Of His Son?



Saidou Bah, the bereaved father of Ismaila Bah who was shot dead at Faraba Banta yesterday has made a simple, direct and legitimate demand. With a heavy heart he is asking for investigation into the death of his son when his chest was pierced with a bullet yesterday.

Saidou, who was shocked when he saw his son lying in a pool of blood, wants the “government to take this matter seriously and urgently.” He does not want an investigation like that of the late Haruna Jatta of Kanilai who was shot by ECOMIG forces, for which the conclusion is not yet to be made public.

The Inspector General of Police has acted timely by promising to investigate “the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident.”

Foroyaa will continue to monitor developments relating to this investigation.

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