The battle of the twenty first Century is the battle to eradicate
poverty and  tyranny. It is not a battle to waste human life with the
hope of earning a place in heaven. A killer of innocent people forreligious belief is guilty of human sacrifice. Anybody who relies on
sacrificing human life in anticipation of getting spiritual reward is
at best naive and at worst transformed into a beast.
Now is the time to challenge the youth of the continent to take
ownership of their minds and hearts as the sovereign owners of the
continent of the present and future.
The first phase of our National Liberation was to declare the
Independence of countries and have the right to exercise the right to
self determination so as to work to make the declaration a reality.
The second phase is to create a sovereign people who do not owe any
allegiance, obedience or adherence to any political patron on the face
of the earth but are determined to exercise their rights and minds to
be the architects of a destiny of liberty, dignity and prosperity.
Such an African youth will never accept to terminate his or her life
through suicide bombing.

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