At the beginning of this National Assembly many observers thought that since National Assembly members contested under different party cards their collaboration to pass bills or ratify international agreements would be almost impossible.

However many National Assembly members cited section 112 of the Constitution which demands that members of the august body should always put conscience and national interest before personal interest.

As the debate unfolds in the National Assembly on international agreements, the budget statement and during adjournment debates, it is becoming clear that many National Assembly members are alert to the expectations of the electorate.

The Question and Answer sessions are putting the ministers on their toes. Partisan consideration is not overriding the oversight role of parliament.

If the current trend continues and improves across the board the executive is likely to become more transparent and accountable and the current National Assembly members will earn the legacy of parliamentarians with a difference.

The future will tell whether party caucuses would be allowed to give rise to rubber stamp National Assembly by pushing party members to join the fold.

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