Sunday, August 18, 2019



Never in the history of the United States has an election embodied a much more epoch making event than the 2016 presidential election. No one had ever expected that a person of African descent would be a two term president of the United States. May be this is the reason why Obama decided to formulate and implement policies that a competent president of the United States would carry out without regard to origin. No one would say that he was a black president of the United States.

In the same vein no woman has ever occupied the office of president in the United States. Hillary Clinton has just made history by being the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of the United States. No woman has ever gone that far in the history of the United States.

If Barrack Obama hands over to her it would mean that after discarding colour as a bar to political representation, gender would also be disregarded as a bar for women to occupy the highest of offices. History is in the making in the US and Foroyaa will continue to follow the debate of the presidential candidates of the democrats and republicans in its international news and review section.

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