Friday, July 19, 2019

Will Government Prioritise Its Transition Agenda?



No one would doubt that the most important Commission of the transition, is the Constitutional Review Commission. The 2018 budget should have never been prepared without the establishment of the Constitutional Review Commission, and appropriation from the consolidated revenue fund to support it as an independent sovereign institution, not requiring any assistance from any other body.

Gambians want a Constitution that is fit for purpose and we should be ready to invest more in it than what is invested in the ‘Janneh’ Commission. The Office of Attorney General and Minister of Justice, should in cooperation with Cabinet, agree to bring a Supplementary Appropriation Bill to raise funds for the Constitutional Review Commission, and get it to work with efficiency and deliver on time. This should be the priority of the nation. All other reforms could largely hinge on the thoroughness and timely review of the Constitution.

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