The Coalition has decided to call on its supporters to focus their minds on the date of inauguration which is established by the Constitution to be the date on which the term of office of the president expires. This is projected to be 19 January 2017.

Foroyaa will publish a copy of the Gazette which indicates the date of inauguration of President Jammeh to further confirm the date of expiration of his term of office in January 2017.

The incumbent is also focused on going to court to challenge the results instead of unilaterally annulling the results which is illegal and unconstitutional.

The ECOWAS, AU and the UN are combining their efforts to mediate between the opposition and the incumbent.

This tends to give the impression that the country is moving towards a constitutional way of resolving the political impasse after the election.

The uncertainty however is the status of the referee (the IEC). They are the ones to assist the court to provide the facts. However Foroyaa has been informed that their headquarters has been taken by the security. This is a step in the wrong direction and a complete affront to the independence of the commission. The action needs to be reversed and the independence of the commission restored so that it will not be subjected to any direction or control by any of the contenders.


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