Sunday, August 18, 2019

Will Foroyaa Have A Radio Station?



Many Senegalese newspapers like WalFadjri moved to have radio and television stations. What is holding Gambian newspapers that are the first to be in the media scene? It is true that the print media is older than the electronic media.

Edward Francis Small transformed the Gambian media to promote the right of the people to representation through the elective principle. The Gambia Outlook should be celebrated as a pioneer in promoting the right to self-determination and independence. Foroyaa also emerged to promote democratic values and that of the Republic. It is committed to defending the rights of all irrespective of who the person is. It is the recommendation of most of its readers that it should open up a radio station and is working actively to do so. Foroyaa Publishing Company Limited has received a letter from the state. In that regard the paper will keep the people informed of the development towards establishment of the radio station as soon as the information is available.

Newspapers have done a lot in maintaining sanity in The Gambia. It is now their time to increase their investment into the electronic media sector, otherwise the commercialization of the media will hold supreme.

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