When the UEP was pioneered by Mr Burris Duvaney, a Canadian, who linked it to Saint Mary’s University in Canada with the cooperation of the Canadian Government and professors and lecturers were seconded to the University. Few Gambians like the late Dr. BoroSusso served as lecturers. One would have thought that to ensure sustainability, young Gambian Academics would be attracted in the University and encouraged to pursue higher studies and publish regularly to earn higher grade in the academic ladder. Interestingly enough, the first Gambian to occupy the post of Vice Chancellor is professor Kah, who incidentally used to volunteer to be a visiting lecturer during the University Extension Program period. One would have thought that the purpose of having deputies in all sectors of administration is to prepare them for future assumption of office. In normal administrative setups, appointment comes through merit. Hence, longevity in service adds experience to merit. In the Gambia, longevity of service and qualification do not appear to be decisive in getting promotions. Capacity building to ensure staff competence and efficiency is the way forward for sustainability. The post of deputies should have meaning to avoid vacuum in institutions because of appointment of new employees who have no institutional memory and have to start from scratch.]]>

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