Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why Were Halifa Sallah, Omar Jallow And Hamat Bah Arrested As Members Of The NADD Leadership?



Foroyaa posed this question to Halifa Sallah. According to him, he wrote a letter to ex-president Jammeh refuting certain allegations which he made after he paid a visit to Senegal and was engaged by President Wade and President Obasanjo regarding the concerns of President Wade. He promised to provide the letter for publication as well as the charges preferred.

He added that the arrest was a blessing in disguise since it led to the intervention of the AU and the Commonwealth represented by President Obasanjo. The arrest led to the intervention of President Obasanjo and the Commonwealth. The case was withdrawn and a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the ruling party, NADD and other stakeholders. NADD was given both national and international clout.

Unfortunately immediately after such sacrifices there was a split as some parties departed NADD, thus preventing the regime change in 2006 and therefore postponing the change until 2016.

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