Registration of voters is the beginning of the electoral process. Each qualified voter should have one vote. An unqualified voter would undermine the fairness of an election if he or she has access to the voter’s card. Registration should not take place outside of registration centres after working hours. The Registration Agents are there to monitor each person who is registered and note down the details of anyone who is unlawfully registered in preparation for the revising court.

For example, registration agents have prevented a team from using the compound of an Alkalo as a registration centre.

In the past, voters’ cards had card numbers and serial numbers. The serial numbers of voters would come in a numerical order. Hence those who monitor registration of voters would take down the first serial number when registration starts and the last serial number when it ends for the day.

Now there are no serial numbers. The IEC has been approached and it is explained that they are relying on a time sequence which is made possible by computerising as part of the card number the time of registering the voter. It is claimed that all registration must cease at 5pm. We are studying their explanation and would inform the public whether it would not be prudent to include serial numbers.

See next issue on answers to questions on transfers of voters, replacement or voters cards for people who are hundreds of kilometres away from where they originally registered and so on and so forth.


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