Why should Gambians settle their differences and embrace the vision of One Gambia, One Nation, and One People?

The answer is simple. Gambia almost slid into a war path which could have isolated the country for decades like the current situation in Somalia. The maturity displayed by the Gambian people saved us from war.

Notwithstanding this within a span of six weeks over 50,000 people fled the country and 120,000 were internally displaced. This was almost equal to 170,000 people who were directly affected and more were indirectly affected. This is the unsettling effect of civil strife.

Now the whole world is congratulating Gambians for maintaining peace and tranquillity in our homeland. A lot of international support is promised based on such development. It is therefore necessary for all Gambians to put the past behind us and work together to build a country where all would co-exist in peace without hatred being shown to anyone.

Let us give unity a chance.


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