Associations like the Bar Association are the civil society segments that should hold state institutions accountable to the public.

A debate has unfolded in the National Assembly as to whether a proclamation by the president should be published in The Gambia Gazette or not to become law.

This debate involves two people who are occupying the highest offices in the country, namely the Chief Justice and Speaker of the National Assembly.

In any country where civil society does not hesitate to assume its full responsibility the debate on the subject would have been assumed by legal minds in the public interest.

Foroyaa would try to reach out to the Chief Justice and the Bar Association members in order to seek their opinions.

It is claimed that The Gambia is a new country where freedom of expression is no longer gagged by administrative tolerance. We will see whether members of the Bar and other legal minds will participate in debates on legal issues to help the public to make sense of decisions emanating from the most important institutions of the land.

As it stands enlightened voices in the social media are seeking to serialise the most important debate in the National Assembly by attributing them to squabbling due to political differences.

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