Monday, July 15, 2019

Why Is Samba In Custody?


The Inspector General of Police should have his eye on events on the ground in Diabugu and Garawol where an uneasy calm prevails.

Maximum effort is being done by reasonable residents to contain the sentiments after beatings and stabbings which resulted in arrests. More effort has to be made to manage the emotions and allow both dialogue and justice to prevail as dictated by the circumstances.

All residents should allow conscience to guide emotions so that no one will do what one will regret. If justice is done and is seen to be done there should be no collective accusations or collective punishments. Incidents should be singled out while communities try and show common interests in having the past differences put aside in furtherance of a better relationship.

Bitterness could only be contained if further maltreatment is contained. When people are treated fairly it becomes easier to counsel them towards national behaviour despite wrongs perpetrated against them. At some point the basis must be created to contain and resolve the crisis. The signs are evident that people of good will in the Sarehule community on all sides of the social divide are working to find a solution and prevent the spread of intra-community strife.

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