Why did the Judge fail to give a ruling in the Darboe and 19 others case as expected yesterday?

Justice O. Otaba was expected to give a landmark ruling on the submissions made by the prosecution and the defence on whether to refer the determination of the constitutionality of counts 5 and 6 to the Supreme Court.

However, instead of delivering a ruling the judge decided to recuse himself from the case and forwarded the matter to the Chief Justice for further reassignment to another judge.

No explanation was given why that was done. In many cases, it is a party to the proceedings that raises objection to the continuation of cases by a particular judge or magistrate if suspected of bias. In this case, it is the judge which caught everybody surprise who announced his decision not to continue presiding over the case.

Foroyaa has said that this case should be handled through political dialogue rather than legal proceedings. Sooner or later every just person would come to such a conclusion. It is better sooner rather than later.

The Attorney General has powers to put an end to the case. It is hoped that those powers would be exercised very soon.

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